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Guiding Principle:  We are all God’s children and need to be present to one another so we can learn from one another.

Our Ministries include:

  • Meals/Food Distribution
  • Furniture & Appliance Distribution
  • Advocacy Navigators
  • Young Adult 
  • Faith Formation
  • Micro-Businesses

A visit to Independence Primary School


Thanks to Fourth Graders at Independence Primary School


Today, Deacon Lou visited a group of fourth graders at Independence Primary School and was overwhelmed by their acts of kindness. The students explained how they wanted to do something to help homeless people and decided to make mats/blankets. As they explained the process to Deacon Lou, he was moved by their sincerity and willingness to help others. The students donated 10 mats/blankets to I’m In Ministry! that will be distributed to unsheltered individuals and those who live in transitional homeless shelters. Attached to each mat was a one-of-a-kind message of hope, love, and encouragement, personally made by the fourth graders.  The mats were made out of recycled grocery bags.

The class was inspired to help after reading a book entitled, Crenshaw, by K. A. Applegate. The book tells the story of a 10 year old boy who worries about eviction, his family, and where his next meal is coming from. Deacon Lou was inspired by the sincerity of the children and the fact that the class was inspired to help after reading the book. Deacon Lou said he was going to use his experience with the class today in his homily this weekend.

Deacon Lou was thankful to students and equally thankful to the teacher and others at the Independence Primary school, who helped the students in this wonderful endeavor.

Thank You

A thank you to those who've donated anonymously...

A special thank you to many individuals who have made anonymous donations to I'm In Ministry!  We've discovered anonymous donations of clothing and household items dropped off at our door at the Fulfillment Center and at the St. Basil Rectory.  Please know we appreciate your thoughtfulness and are grateful to you for helping to make what we do a success. 


Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!


On behalf of I’m In Ministry! I want to personally thank you for your generosity during 2019 and to share many of the ways I’m In Ministry! has served families and children this year living in greater Cleveland all because of your financial support. 

By the end of 2019 we anticipate that I’m In Ministry! will provide furniture, clothing, and household items to over 400 families, representing 1,200 children. As of today 203 children have received beds through our partnership with the Christ Child Society. We have found families moving into empty apartments/homes, with no beds, furniture, or dishes. Each family referred to I’m In Ministry! is contacted with a personal phone call from I’m In Ministry! to identify their needs. Items are delivered at no cost by our volunteers and staff.  Some of our happiest moments are found seeing a child on their new bed, made up with blankets, pillows, and often a stuffed animal. 


Valued Partnerships

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank


Our collaboration with The Greater Cleveland Food Bank continues, with produce, meat, and staples distributed to hundreds of individuals on a monthly basis. Most of our distribution locations are set in low-income senior citizen apartment complexes.

The I’m In Ministry! Fulfillment Center located at 6411 Granger Road, Independence, which is donated space, provides a great work and storage space where furniture, clothing, and household items may be cleaned, repaired, and refurbished and then redistributed to those in need. 


The Bishop Cosgrove Center and Richfield Senior Center

I’m In Ministry! has partnered with the Bishop Cosgrove Center for many years to provide warm clothing, hats, and gloves to individuals facing harsh winter conditions. We also serve in the distribution of hand-made waterproof mats to the homeless. These mats are made of recycled grocery bags by seniors at the Richfield Senior Center

During the Christmas season, I’m In Ministry! will work to distribute toys to children who might otherwise not have a present this Christmas.


Assistance to Families


I’m In Ministry! has also provided additional assistance to families this year. Some examples have been the purchase of baby formula and diapers, emergency utility bill payment, donation toward funeral expenses, automobile repair to allow transportation to and from work or school, and grocery assistance. We were also able to provide a donated motorized wheelchair to a gentleman who had been confined to his home with restricted mobility. These are only some of the advocacy assistance I’m In Ministry! provided in 2019. 




We are also grateful to the 300 plus donors of furniture, appliances, household items, clothing and other items to assist individuals that have limited resources and typically have no support system.

In addition is our gratitude for our amazing staff. They make all of the placements and what we do possible. 

At this season of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for opportunity to help the families we’ve been privileged to serve. We are thankful for your support, as we could not have accomplished all we have thus far in 2019 without your help.


Thank You!

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving, 

Deacon Lou Primozic and 

The dedicated staff and volunteers of I’m in Ministry!


Wish List

Many people have asked what I'm In Ministry! needs.  We've put together a list of items that would be most helpful as we work to serve I'm In Ministry! families:

We are in urgent need of bedding for full-sized beds and dishes/silverware and pots/pans.

Bedding for Full-Sized Beds

Kitchenware (dishes, pots/pans, silverware)

Small dressers

Children's clothing

Cleaning supplies (cleaners, new mops/brooms, laundry detergent, etc.)


Small kitchen chairs & tables


Coffee tables/end tables

To arrange a pickup, please call 


Recent News from I'm In Ministry!

Thanks to Volunteers

Thanks to super volunteers, Gabby, Mark, Scott and Leah, for helping at our Center on January 19!

Thanks to super volunteers, Gabby, Mark, Scott and Leah, for helping at our Center on January 19!

Thanks to City Desk


Many thanks to City Desk for donating many office/meeting room chairs and office furniture.  We were able to place them in a number of homes and non-profit groups we partner with. 

Busy Painting


Many hands make light work! Under the great leadership of volunteer Art Heintel, the crew was back out painting the livingroom, diningroom and upstairs of one of our I'm In Ministry! families. Thanks Art and Crew!

Thanks to Our Donors


Thanks to our generous donors, I'm In Ministry! has made over 200 deliveries of furniture, clothing and household items to over 150 families in the Greater Cleveland area.

Have Items to Donate?


Our I'm In Minsitry! crew will come out to pick up your furniture, clothing and other household items would be of great help to a family in need.  

Beds Needed


Did you know that beds are our number one requested item by the famlies we assist? Let us know if you have a bed, frame, mattress or box spring to donate. 

Additional Photos

Baby Clothes Much Appreciated


I'm In MInistry! recently received a generous donation of new clothing for babies and young children.   

Thankful for Important Household Items


A recent donation to I'm In Ministry! was used to purchase much-needed houshold items for a young family with three children and a cat.  

Generous Donations


I'm In Ministry!  recently received gifts of clothing which will directly benefit individuals in need at the Bishop Cosgrove Center.

A Special Acquaintance


Deacon Lou Primozic and Beautiful 

say hello at a recent food distribution in downtown Cleveland. 

Thankful for our Volunteers


I'm In Ministry! volunteers, George, Nick and Leah warm up from the cold and pose for a photo at Colman Court.

A Time for Fellowship


In addition to helping with food distributions, the I'm In Ministry! team

most enjoy the time for fellowship and conversation.  Here, Howard poses with a resident from Knickerbocker.

Recent Stories

Parntership With The Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Through a partnership with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, I'm In Ministry! assists with the distribution of  nutritious food/produce to seniors and families in need at monthly food distributions. An extra benefit of this relationship has been the wonderful people we've met and have been able to help along the way, making the Cleveland Food Bank's impact even greater beyond important food and nutrition.  As a result of the partnership with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, I'm In Ministry! has been able to provide  assistance with clothing, furniture, appliances, transportation and household items.



I'm In Ministry Volunteers were honored to volunteer at the Feast and Fellowship Gala held at the Bishop Cosgrove Center.  See more photos from the '' Feast and Fellowship Gala.'' tinyurl.com/FellowshipGala


Volunteers and residents gather for a group photo.


Glad to See You!

Volunteer Opportunities


Dwyer Senior Center, March 3, Arrive 10:00 a.m.

Kirby Manor, Thursday, March 5, Arrive 10:00 a.m.   

St. Timothy, Thursday, March 12, Arrive 12:00 p.m.   

St. Clair Place, Wednesday, March 18, Arrive 11:00 a.m.  

For more information contact I'm In Ministry!: 440-736-7415

No upcoming events.

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