Faith Formation

 Our guiding principles and mission are based on our Christian faith, which we work to spread through our ministry. We are not judging others for their beliefs; we only wish to share the love, joy, peace, and hope that our faith offers with our volunteers and all of those that we meet.  

Often times, we will meet individuals living in desperate situations who need love and care. They open up to us about their issues, and we reciprocate by praying with them and asking God to watch over them in their time of need. We find that many of these people are starving for a spiritual revitalization and are extremely grateful for our prayers.  

We also share our faith by distributing small tokens for individuals to take as a physical reminder that they are loved by God. These include prayer cards and wooden “hand crosses”- crosses that fit in the palm of a person’s hand. These small tokens provide comfort during times of stress and anxiety.