Food Distribution

I’m In Ministry has found is that food banks do not have enough volunteers to effectively distribute the food that they accumulate. Our assistance with food distribution helps to provide healthy and fresh food those who might otherwise go without. We aim to focus on distributing food in the most respectful way possible.

We are currently responsible for distributing over 30% of Cleveland Food Bank’s deliveries to senior communities in the Greater Cleveland area. This distribution serves an average of 1,000 seniors per month who are below the poverty line. This equates to 30,000 pounds of food delivered per month. We distribute once a month at  various HUD subsidized housing units including: Knickerbocker Apartments, Kirby Manor, St. Clair Place, St. Timothy Manor, Euclid Beach Club and Fairhill Partners. 

   I’m In Ministry also works with Catholic Charities on monthly food distribution. Currently, we distribute monthly allocations at their Cosgrove Center, St. Clair Place, and Bohn Tower locations. 

Additional partners include St. Augustine Manor and Colman Court.